Dancing in the Street 2010

On Saturday, Anne and I biked over to the theater district on Grand.  We rode over there to catch a show, but the show that afternoon wasn’t in any of the theaters that line that section of Grand Avenue, it was in the streets.  Saturday was the occasion of the fourth annual, dancing in the street festival.

The festival was free as most are here in Saint Louis. This one boasts seven stages that offer simultaneous acts throughout the festival.  Unless you have figured out how to be in more than two places at once, you are going to miss most of the acts.  The quality of the acts range from nationally recognized professional acts, through regional and local professionals, talented amateurs on to those not so talented.  Even the lowliest of acts brings a certain chutzpah.

The character of the dance acts varied from stage to stage.  One stage specialized in ethnic dances; these dances were true festival dances, full of fun.  Another stage was the platform for both classical and modern dance, both very serious.  Another stage we visited was all about tap.  I promise you a movie.

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