The Pumpkin That Took Over

I guess that it has been a while since when I’ve last mowed the backyard.  Anne took the first picture with this post and sent it to me at work.  She thought that it was a hoot.  Our neighbor’s pumpkin plant had jumped the fence and sent out this huge creeper.  On closer investigation, I took the second picture that shows the fruit of this plant.  We don’t know if it is the only pumpkin or not.  If it is we’ll let our neighbor’s have it.  They are good neighbors.  It there is more than one pumpkin maybe we can both have one.

Dan called and I spoke with him about school.  He registered this week and started his classes at CalArts.  His registration was a bit different then what I have experienced.  All the teachers set up tables and all the students lined up at the different tables to enroll.  Some of the teachers just rubber stamped Dan’s enrollment request, while other asked him some questions first.  He got all the classes that he wanted.  Here is the course list:

  • As It Happens
  • Arts by the Numbers
  • Keeping It Real
  • Visiting Artist Forum
  • MFA 1 Critique

Dan described what each class is about.  The following is my imperfect recollection of what he said.  Art by the Numbers has to do with the relationship between numbers and art.  According to Dan the class does not involve painting ponies by the numbers kits from Wal-Mart though.  Keeping it Real is being taught by a visiting professor, Harry Dodge.  Here is a New York Times article about him.  The Visiting Artist Forum and the MFA Critique are both seminars.

Friday evening we dropped Dave off at the airport on our way out-of-town.  He is flying to Washington DC.  He starts his internship this next week.  Anne and I continued on to Columbia, MO, to ride this year’s MS-150.  We checked into the hotel and then headed out to the fairgrounds for a Friday night pre-ride supper.  Our congressman, Rus Carnahan and his wife stopped by the Team Kaldi’s.  I was confused at first, Columbia is at least a hundred miles outside of his district, then he spoke.  He is the chairman of the House MS committee.  I wish that I was smiling though.

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