Team Kaldi’s Jerseys

This post is in celebration of Team Kaldi’s and its captain, Captain Don.  I first met Don when I interviewed to move here to Saint Louis, worked with him for twelve years and have biked with him for about as long.  I rode with him on his first MS-150 ride.  Sandi was captain of our team that year, Team TWA.  Two years later, Don formed Team Kaldi’s.  We were a smaller team back then, but we grew quickly.  This year we should be the largest team yet.  With all of this praise, I should include at least one photo of Don, but I know that he would rather that I not.  Instead, I have included four photos of key elements of the four Team Kaldi’s jerseys.

The first jersey, the original jersey, won the jersey prize the year of its introduction.  The two subsequent jerseys, Thunderstorms on the Prairie and the coffee bean jersey did not win any awards.  This year black is back with the newest Kaldi’s jersey.  The main complaint with the first jersey (the winning one) was that it was too hot, this begat the two subsequent, whiter, but also loser jerseys.  Ladies, and I’m including the guys in on this, fashion is not about comfort, it is about looking good!  So, suck it up, ride and look fine.

We ended up going to Blueberry Hill for dinner mainly because Dave ate up almost all of the Yassa Poulet leftovers, but also because Dave wanted to go to Blueberry Hill.  Kennard joined us too.  Joe Edwards, owner of Blueberry Hill and all the other important parts of the U-City Loop business neighborhood was celebrating Blueberry Hill’s 38th anniversary at an adjacent table..

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  1. When Dan was just a little tyke, we took him and Anne’s folks to Blueberry Hill. As they were getting out of the car, right in front of the place, Dan said in his typically loud voice, “You’re not taking me to another cowboy bar?” We weren’t. Blueberry Hill isn’t a cowboy bar, it is a rock and roll bar.

  2. Not showing a picture of Don was a good move. If I looked as old as Don I would not want my picture on the World Wide Web. One look and the authorities would swear he was an escapee from Delmar Gardens (local nursing home) and mount an all out search

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