It took the wagon train six days to drive from Saint to Louis to Los Angeles.  It took the moms just five hours to fly back home.  In the following text Anne describes the final hurdles in the great western migration from Saint Louis:

The truck is empty and Dan and Annie have the stuff from the cab. The driving part is over, except for turning the truck in. We are tired, but content that the unpacking went okay, despite the fact that Dan’s street was being paved today. We were able to park the truck yon the back side near the golf course and carry the boxes to the condo a few doors down. One neighbor even let us borrow her kids’ wagons which was a great help.

We drove over to Annie’s future place. She can’t move in until next Friday, but was able to leave her stuff outside on the side of the house. While we were seeing her space (a mother-in-law apartment), her landlord’s two sons and Dan got the truck unloaded.  Sweet!  It took us two hours to drive over to Annie’s and one hour to drive back.

Sue and I decided to save the kids the hassle of driving us to LAX, so we are taking the shuttle instead.  We made it to LAX with plenty of time, even with huge lines for a skycap.  Our flight is showing as being on-time.

Anne and Sue’s flight landed on time.  Anne called and I jumped into the car and sped north to the airport to pick her up.  I think that she was taken aback by the warm reception that she received, about 100 °F and not a dry heat. 😈

Friday night we had a thunderstorm.  A lot of electricity, but also some much needed rain.  It is suppose to cool down here in Saint Louis.  I hope that it does, but we’re not waiting, because:

We’re Going to the Cabin!

We’re Going to the Cabin!

We’re Going to the Cabin!

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