Grand Canyon

The pictures and text in this post are from the RegenAxe roving reporters.  On Tuesday, the wagon train took a day off from truck driving.  They all, Dan, Annie, Anne and Susan, piled into the Jetta and headed north from Flagstaff.  The objective for Tuesday, the Grand Canyon.

We drove from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon National Park on highway 89, on the east side of the park. We went through the Painted Desert and the Navaho Nation.  We stopped at the Navaho run Canyon of the Little Colorado, and then continued on to “the real thing”.  Stopped at a few of the outlooks on the Eastern side and visited a 12th century Anasazi ruins and then we parked in the village and had lunch. We started hiking the Rim trail, which got more crowded as we approached the main village area.  A lot of people were finishing their hikes up Bright Angel Trail as we got to that end. I don’t know how many had done the whole hike down to the bottom of the canyon and back.  By this time we had pretty much run out of steam, so we left the park by the South entrance and returned to Flagstaff by way of highways 64 and 180. A late dinner and back to the Motel 6.  Being a roving reporter is hard work.

Dan and Annie posed for this picture, just to give their moms the chills.

On Wednesday, it is California Ho!

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  1. The pictures are great.
    Does Pooh have the “good” camera?
    Just checking to see if it is really the camera or the photog.

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