East Meets West

I have been racking my brain all day on how I could cleverly work into this post the Bugs Bunny line, “I should have made a left toin at Albukoykee.”  Well I couldn’t come up with anything clever, so I’ll just use it anyway.  LA Dan and company left Albuquerque, NM, on Monday and they must have made that left turn, because they ended up where they want to go, Flagstaff, AZ.

You meet the darnist people on the road.  Dan’s cavalcade met for lunch, his cousin Liz, who was headed eastbound with a friend.  Hence the title of this post, east meets west.  They must have had a good time, because no one bothered to take any pictures for the blog. 🙄

The wagon train arrived in Flagstaff, only to find that the Arizona Cardinals’ (former Saint Louis residents) training camp is based there.  They had to visit three motels before they found a vacancy.  Dan even had to back the truck and trailer up once.  Flagstaff is at altitude and the hot oppressive air mass that has just reached Saint Louis has vacated the environs of Flagstaff, so it was quite pleasant there on Monday night.  Susan was pulling on a sweater when I called.  The following is Dan’s synopsis of the day:

Made it to Flagstaff a few hours ago, ate a late lunch/early diner with my cousin Liz.  Wandered around a surprisingly awesome downtown, and had some nice coffee with the redhead while the moms sought hotel vacancies.  Code names today: Annie – Baroness GaGa, Dan – Captain Nomad

Tuesday is a rest day for them.  The truck and trailer will remained parked at the motel, while our intrepid party jumps into the Jetta and explores the Grand Canyon.  Have a good time, but please don’t anyone fall in!

Here is another of Chris’ high dynamic range pictures.  This one doesn’t look so other worldly as the first one did.  It is of the ranch across the road from the house.  He also sent this link to a guy that specializes in HDR photography.

Long before Captain Don, was captain of a bicycling team, he was just a mild manner programmer/analyst for the Control Data Corporation.  So was I and so was John G. and Tony K.  Don recently unearthed the preceding photograph that was taken sometime in the early 1980s at the CDC office on New Ballas.  I am second from the right.  Can you find Don, John and Tony?

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  1. I realized as soon as we left that we hadn’t taken a picture! I’m sad about that. It was nice to see everyone — thank you to Sue for dinner!!!!!!! Our trip moving my friend to Albuquerque ended successfully, but I miss her very much now that I’m back in the Bay. I’ll have to plan a trip to see Dan and Annie or get them to come up here to visit…

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