Roaming Buffalo & Geezer Geysers

We all piled into the Prius on Friday morning and headed into Yellowstone Park. We drove the southern loop. Our stops included the Artist’s Paint Pots, the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, picnic lunch on the Yellowstone and another visit to Old Faithful. It was nice not doing the driving, Jay and Ashlan did the honors.

We saw dozens of buffalo and dozens of geothermal features. We also saw a few elk, but no bears. I got rained on by a geyser, but not as bad as the other tourist during Old Faithful’s second spout. We were inside the inn having ice cream at the time.

Anne and Jay both wore matching t-shirts that said, “I can’t remember if I’m the good Sister or the evil one.” They both got lots of comments by passersby. Jay occasionally announced that she was the good sister, which really isn’t what a good sister would say.

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  1. Love the pairing of the first and last photos! Glad youall are exploring together! Hope it’s cooler there than here in the East of the continent….

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