Ruby Tuesday

Anne got a quick ride in on Tuesday.  She rode down to Ben Franklin’s in Webster for sewing supplies.  She rode on the Deer Creek Parkway for the first time.  This section of bike trail is the start of a planned much larger bike trail.  There are plans to hook it up with the River Des Pere Trail to the south east and then extend the Deer Creek Trail up to Ladue.  Anne only got nine miles in, but she did manage to just beat the rain home.

I had a dermatologist appointment at lunch and a dentist appointment after work.  Other than the fact that the only record of my appointment was the appointment card that I had brought, the dermatologist appointment was a non-event.  It was short and sweet.  I even made it back to work before the rains came.  The dentist on the other hand was as always, an ordeal.  Mind you, it was just a cleaning, but it always seems to me that my dentist appointments are just outtakes from the movie, Marathon Man, “Is it safe? … Is it safe?”

I got into work early today; I had to have some charts ready by nine.  This allowed me the opportunity beat into work the new guy whose numbered spot abuts mine.  Normally he is the first at work.  He also parks his massive truck over the line.  I know what he has spent his promotion money on, because of the temporary tags on his truck.  Tuesday, I pulled through his spot to park in mine. The bike rack on the back on my car stuck over the line.  Whoops!

The Glee season finale was the highlight of our Tuesday night entertainment.  In my humble opinion, this finale was not as good as the show’s half season finale, Sectionals.  But that is just a quibble; it was still an excellent show.  The choice to return to Journey did not stop the believing, it reaffirmed it.  As Fox’s hottest property, it was not too surprising that none otherbut Ms. Sue Sylvester could create a last minute resurrection for Glee!

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