A Lovely Sunday Afternoon Ride

Anne and I slept in on Sunday morning.  Consequently we missed the Bicycle Fun Club’s ride.  We missed the American Youth Hostel’s Ride the Bridges ride and we missed Team Kaldi’s Meet the Team event.  One might be thinking, “Oh well, you snooze, you lose.”, but we didn’t lose.  We eventually launched before the butt-crack of noon and had a lovely afternoon bicycle ride.

We biked through the Park on our way to the Botanical Gardens, Tower Grove Park and finally South Grand Avenue.  We ended up with 19 miles.  Although it was hot by the time we were on our way back home, it was still a lot more comfortable than it was on Saturday afternoon.

The scouts were well on their way out of the Park, by the time that we rode through it.  The Park’s waterfowl seems to have weathered the storm too.  I got pictures of a little Green Heron.  This is the first one that I have seen this year.  

At the Gardens we did our usual flower paparazzi routine.  The two pictures of the flowers are mine.  Anne took the picture of the dragonfly and the tree bark picture used for today’s header.  Anne likes to take pictures of interesting tree bark patterns.  I see a whole series of headers coming from this interest.

After the Gardens we biked through Tower Grove.  I was heartened to see kickball games still going on there, after the park’s authorities banned most of the kickball games, because of lewd and drunken behavior.  On South Grand, we had lunch at a new place, at least for us, called Café Natasha’s Kabob International.  Patio seating makes this place bike friendly.   Our table was enough removed from Grand, to allow conversation.

They offer Persian food with the following stipulation, “We will not offer anything unless it is wonderful!”  In my humble opinion they are good to their word, the food was excellent!  Anne and I shared the Chicken Tandoori Kabobs (my choice, I luv Tandoori!)  Interestingly any of their entrees can be served in one of three styles, as a pita wrap, over a rice pilaf or on a bed of salad.  Anne chose the salad option.

For beverages, Anne ordered a Doogh, a tart yogurt drink, flavored with mint.  I ordered the Turkish coffee.  I liked Anne’s drink better than mine.  Part of my problem was that I didn’t realize until too late that I should have been stirring my coffee.  I ended up with coffee sludge at the bottom of my cup, live & learn.

For dessert, we followed our server’s advice and had the baklava and Persian ice cream.  This was the biggest hit of all.  Anne got so enthusiastic that I had to use the share word, but it really was too good to share.

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