Highland Park Diner

On Monday morning, Anne and I joined Dr. Alice at the Highland Park Diner. Pictured as part of this post are exterior and interior photos of this purpose built diner. The Highland Park Diner experience includes eggs and ham, lots of chrome and coffee, let us not forget coffee.

On Sunday night Alice and Chris took Anne, Dave and I out to dinner at an excellent Indian restaurant. Alex, Alice’s father joined us too, along with Reny, their son. Reny is a Physics major at the Rochester Institute of Technology. We saw Brian, their other son, when we went back to their place for cookies.

After breakfast, Anne an I decamped to Dave’s dormitory in order to participate in the final ceremonial event of Dave’s graduation weekend, the ceremonial emptying of the dormitory. The three of hauled the rest of Dave’s stuff down to the car, which was quite full when we were finally done. Anne was amazed and a little disgusted with the amount of perfectly good stuff that was thrown out. We were just as guilty as the rest of the people. We threw out a perfectly good table, that wouldn’t fit into the car, but save a case of beer that did fit. We hid the beer in Bob’s basement, among the piles of Dave’s stuff that we left there. Does Bob read this blog?

We finally left Rochester at a quarter to noon. The drive was pretty easy, at least until Cleveland. The rain started there and accompanied us all the way to Ann Arbor. It wasn’t until 7:30 that we finally arrived. We drove over to Banana’s place with Bubs and Harry. Mouse and Jane were there too. Anne had made lasagna and Harry had brought shrimp, all to celebrate Dave’s graduation.

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