I’m not talking about spitting.  I’m speaking of Fox’s musical-comedy show, Glee.  Last Tuesday night, the second episode of this show’s second season aired.  As patrons of musical theater for most of the thirty years that we have lived in Saint Louis, falling in love with Glee, was as easy as falling off a log. 

Fox has a hot property in Glee and knows it.  From the airing of the show’s pilot episode at the end of last year’s TV season, a full three months before its actual season began, Fox has managed this property masterfully.  This is especially gratifying, because it has bungled in the past, the management of equally promising properties, such as Firefly.

We have been season ticket holders to the Muny for more years than I can remember.  This year’s lineup of shows looks especially promising.  It is heartening that the big stage of the Muny and its even bigger auditorium, is finally getting some company out here in the heartland.  It is somewhat surprising though that it is coming from the small screen.

Today’s header is Anne’s shout out to Glee.  She is modeling one of Chris’ gloves that she is presently knitting.  It is the first full finger pair of gloves that she has made.  It should be ready well before its anticipated delivery in June.

Dave had planned to walk across the stage at next month’s college graduation ceremony at the University of Rochester.  Now don’t get me wrong, he still plans on graduating and we are booked to go see him receive his diploma.  But instead of walking across the stage, he might be doing more of a limp.  Tuesday we heard from Dave.  He had to go to the emergency room for a sprained ankle that he received while playing intramural ultimate frisbee.

In truth he should be fine by graduation time.  He has crutches and a brace.  The doctor asked him to use the crutches for a week and the brace for two.  He may not be doing cartwheels across the stage at graduation, but he should be able to perform sufficient ambulatory motion to receive his diploma.

Wednesday morning I woke up to a backed up main sewer line.  Always a pleasant experience.  Anne had to go to work, so I call into work to let them know that I would be late coming in that day.  I next called Roto-Rooter to come out and snake out the drain.  Terry showed up, for the second time in six months.  He had been here last Thanksgiving, the unacknowledged national holiday for plumbers. 

The last time, I had tried to do it myself.  I rented a snake, but the job was well beyond my abilities.  I eventually called Roto-Rooter and Terry came out.  We’ve had sewer problems, for as long as we’ve owned the house, but usually it is just an every other year occurence.  Last time it was an epic two-hour effort by Terry.  This time it was just fifteen minutes.  This time was also still under warranty, so it was free.  I may not be able to do plumbing, but I do know the three rules of plumbing:

  1. Shit flows downhill
  2. Never chew you fingernails
  3. Payday’s on Friday

4 thoughts on “GLEEking

  1. Flows, rolls, from a plumber’s point of view it is all the same. You slant your drain pipes down and not up and you never chew your finger nails.

  2. And for some it is our bread and butter.

    And thanks to Pooh for the finger less gloves. I am wearing them right now. They have come in “handy” today.

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