Looking forward to Spring Break

We got some news from the great state of New York this week.  That would be from David, of course.  Of the graduate schools that he has applied to, he has only heard back from UC Berkeley so far and he didn’t get accepted there.  🙁

He hopes to hear from the others soon.  In addition to the schools that Dave applied to he has also been speaking with a professor from Penn State, about their neurological kinesiology (see below) program.  He is also investigating Rochester’s KEY program.  This would allow him to continue studying at Rochester next year.  David has a meeting today with the program’s director.  Dave is also exploring with his current boss, opportunities for summer employment. 

Neurological Kinesiology balances the anatomy & physiology of your brain and makes changes in your behaviour patterns and responses simple and permanent.  This work is cutting edge as it addresses your subconscious fight / flight responses with amazing results.  Your brain has many glandular tissues that secrete a variety of hormones and neurotransmitters.  Neurological kinesiology balances these physiological processes, instincts, drives, and emotional responses, which largely dictate your behaviour and body function.

This was the first Google hit, on Neurological Kinesiology that I found.  I hope that this helps to explain things.  Frankly, I’m still mystified. 

All of this technical stuff sounds industrious, but I think that what is foremost in Dave’s mind these days is spring break.  A week this Sunday, Dave flies to Cancun, Mexico for a week of fun in the sun.  I hope that he uses plenty of sunscreen.

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, Dan has his own “Spring Break” like trip planned next month.  He’ll head west to LA and interview with CalArts.  He plans on being there over five days, so he ought to get to do a little sightseeing too.

We here in the midwest guard our airports in order to intercept errant neighbors snow-birding to the south. I flew under the radar this month with a one night business trip, that I stretched into a four-day trip to California.  Come to think of it, with about two plus weeks of posts, I haven’t been that much under the radar afterall.  Anyway, I’ve had my flight south for this spring break.

Anne’s spring break has been on the calendar all year.  We’re talking about going to Gatlinburg for a long weekend, but when does Rey become a slave to baseball?  We might have to wait until the season has started.  Jane is coming to town, all in the same week.  We are looking forward to celebrating her visit.  It seems to me that next month marks the beginning of winter’s thaw.

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