Half Moon Bay

We hit the road starting at five in the morning.  We connected through Dallas and landed in San Francisco in the early afternoon.  After a little bit of business (really very little) we were left to our own devices.  Dan, Don and I headed directly to Half Moon Bay.  Our destination was the Moss Beach Distillery.  Our goal was a beer or two.

The distillery is set on a bluff overlooking the tidal flats far below.  It has a beautiful view of some breathtaking coastline.  It also has a past.  When we arrived the tide was out and the flats were visible.  We had our beer on the outside patio.  It was cloudy, windy and cool.  Unfortunately the fire pits weren’t lit.  The provided blankets helped, but weren’t enough to counteract the cold beer.

During Prohibition the coast of Moss Beach was an ideal spot for rum running.  The most successful speakeasy was Frank’s Place.  It was a popular night spot for film stars and politicians.  Mystery writer Dashiell Hammett frequented the place and used it as a setting for one of his detective stories.

Moss Beach Distillery is suppose to be  haunted.  Years ago a waitress there and the girlfriend of a former bartender died in an auto accident, on her way to meet another lover.  She is suppose to have become the Blue Lady, a ghostly presence that still haunts the bar.

After the Moss Beach Distillery we adjourned to Sam’s  Chowderhouse for dinner.  Sam’s is in Half Moon Bay.  He had a great fish dinner.

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