Snow Day

I don’t know whether or not anyone here will get a snow day on Tuesday, but it is snowing on Monday night.  Anne is ambivalent.  The school district has used up all of its reserve snow days and taking any more now will only lengthen the school year.  Would you rather work in February when it is cold and mean or June when it is nice and warm?  I too am ambivalent.  I leave on a business trip on Wednesday and really need to be at work on Tuesday to coordinate last-minute details.

Life was so much simpler when we were kids.  Heck yes, I want a snow day.  June is too far away to comprehend.  In an attempt to capture that spirit my dad made a movie of my brothers and I enjoying a snow day as only children can.  The time was the late sixties.  The place was Maryland just outside Washington.  Last weekend this area was hit by a tremendous snow storm, a blizzard of titanic proportions, the Snowmageddon.  I give you the movie, Snow Day.  I got the video version of this 8 mm movie before Christmas and decided to hold on to it until now.  This Friday the Winter Olympics open in Vancouver.  While we were no Olympians, we certainly thought that we were.

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