Festival of Lights

On Saturday I decided to jump into this holiday season with both feet.  Today we are paying homage to Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights.  Yeah, I know it started several days ago, but at least I have lit one candle.  I’m just behind the holiday power curve.  Speaking of which, later in the day Anne and I were cut-off at the post office.  The women that cut us off was already posting Christmas cards.  We’re not there yet, but we will be and soon.

Saturday morning I went biking in the Park.  It was cold and cloudy, so my photograph production was decidedly below par.  I pestered Charles, the Great Horned Owl, who had returned to his favorite perch.  I got fifteen miles.  Returning home, I quickly turned around and ran my usual Saturday errands.  After errands, I strung the outdoor Christmas lights.  They will be featured in future posts.  Anne and I then launched off together and actually drove down a portion of The New I-64Whoo Hoo!  It looked and felt pretty fine.  Our destination was Ted Drewes on Chippewa. 

For you Non-Saint Louisans, Ted Drewes is the premier purveyor of frozen custard in the greater Saint Louis area.  What is frozen custard?  Well you’ll just have to come to town and find out for yourselves.  I can’t describe it, at least not to give it justice.  Ted Drewes calls its frozen custards concretes, because even on a swelteringly hot Saint Louis summer night the server can turn your cup upside down and the custard won’t flow out. 

Ted Drewes is a seasonal business.  The summertime being its principal season, but just before it shuts down for the winter, Ted Drewes does Christmas.  The parking lot is turned into a Christmas tree lot.  Back when the boys were still around, Ted Drewes and his concretes were a sure draw for taking the family out to find a Christmas tree.  This year Anne and I chose a Scotch Pine.  After we picked out our tree, I directed Anne to go find a strapping young man.  She found one and he strapped the tree to the roof of the car.  We plan on decorating the tree on Sunday.

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