Cold Comfort Farm

I watched Cold Comfort Farm on the eve of the cold snap that quickly followed this week’s storm.  Cold Comfort Farm was originally a comic novel written in 1932, by Stella Gibbons.  In 1995 it was produced as a made for TV movie, directed by John Schlesinger and staring Kate Beckinsale.  As a parody of the “loam and lovechild” genre of historical novel, Cold Comfort Farm alludes most closely to Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

I had seen Cold Comfort Farm before, but when I found it on Hulu this week, I couldn’t resist it.  Beckinsale plays Flora Poste.  Flora starts the movie newly orphaned.  She decides that she will go live with country cousins, in order to gather material for the writer she wants to be.  She is richly rewarded when she discovers a new branch of her family tree, the one with all the nuts.  😉

The picture with this post is of a juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk or so I think.  I’ve already posted the juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk that Anne and I saw while biking in the Park last Saturday.  We also saw this little guy on the same ride.  I’m relatively confident that I had correctly identified the  juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk.  I’m less certain about the juvenile Red-Shouldered Hawk.

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