Life’s a Beach

Well the weather out there is frightful, and staying inside by comparison is delightful, but when will it snow, when will it show?  We have had wind, rain and now are looking to experience single digit  cold.  The freeze-line of the first big winter storm of the season skirted north of the bi-state area so we just got rain.  The wind was strong this morning.  On my way into work my little Toy-auto decided to do a un-commanded lane change on the highway.  Fortunately there were no SUVs present at the time.

Anne had her own auto adventure today.  She locked herself out of her car.  The ring holding the car’s key broke when she was taking it out of the ignition.  She didn’t realize it at the time and put the main key ring in her pocket.  After shopping she returned to the car and saw the car key lying on the floor mat.  She thought of walking the mile and a half home, but today’s high winds and falling temperatures dissuaded her.  To make matters worse her cel was also locked in thar car.  I was no help, I was not at my desk. She called home in case Joanie was there.  She wasn’t but Dan was, but since her voice mail was to Joanie and not Dan he didn’t pick up.  He did tell Joanie when she showed up later at the house.  Cutting to the chase, Joan picked up Anne and saved her day.

Life’s a beach.  Today, through fun with PhotoShop, life is more a virtual beach than a real beach.  I’ve include three pictures of myself with this post.  In each picture I have cartoonized myself.  Frankly, I think I look like Homer Simpson, but with more hair.  I have also placed my cartoon image in front of three different beach scenes.  I give you on this cold December day, le Marquis at Palm Beach, Florida, in Pebble Beach, California and on The Beach in Michigan.  Can I pencil you in?

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  1. I think it is physically impossible to lock the keys into any of our current vee-hickles. If the key is not in the ignition, the driver’s door will not lock unless you beep it shut or put the key in the lock and turn it.

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