The Owls Are Back!

First off, by popular demand, here is the sordid story of our Thanksgiving.  Thursday night the toilet backed-up.  I plunged it and snaked it but that only succeeded in pushing the clog into the mainline.  I scheduled Roto-Rooter for Friday morning, disconnected the toilet’s flusher and went to bed.  On Friday morning I was up early and out of the house by 6:15.  I went to Home Depot and rented a larger snake.  I was surprised by how crowded the parking lot was, even at that early hour.  Oh yeah, Black Friday.  I pulled out some roots, but was not really getting anywhere.  So I took the snake back to Home Depot.  The paper says that Home Depot is planning on selling beer in the future.  I could have used one by then.  The plumber showed up.  He snaked out not one but two drains, for double the deniro.  He pulled out a regular forest of tree roots.  Problem fixed, but to add insult to injury, the sewer bill showed up on Friday.

That was Friday.  Saturday morning I went biking in the Park.  It was sunny, warm and surprisingly not very crowded.  I guess everyone else must have been shopping.  As you can tell from the picture with this post, I found one of the pair of Great Horned Owls that I had observed earlier this year.  I think that this one is the male, Charles.  He is the smaller of the two, plus I found him in his favorite tree.  I’ll save finding his mate, Diana, for another day.  I got fifteen miles.

Saturday afternoon Rey and Anne went for a walk.  By then the weather was gorgeous.  The temperature was in the seventies.  About 5:30 I got a call from Anne saying that she and Rey had walked over to Delmar and would meet us at Pi for dinner.  You’all remember don’t you, Pi of Obama fame?  Pi our President’s favorite Chicago style pizzeria??  Well if you don’t then you are probably from Chicago.  Dave and I drove over and met them there.  There was an hour wait, so Dave and Rey waited in the bar.  Anne and I sat outside and froze on the rapidly cooling patio sidewalk.  Dave and Rey watch Mizzou pull out a win and Rey was surprised to learn that Montana had actually pulled out a victory.  Our table eventually came, followed quickly by the pies.  Dinner was as good as always.

2 thoughts on “The Owls Are Back!

  1. You had DeNiro come over? Does he have a brother that’s a plumber? Are the DeNiro’s fine?
    And who won the Scrabble game?

  2. I won the first game of the weekend, and Rey won the last two. The first two games resulted in very dense boards, and the last was a wide-open game.


    p.s. does it make more sense if you substitute mucho dinero for deniro?

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