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Yesterday’s fun with PhotoShop seemed to be a big success.  I got lots of comments and even more eyeballs.  I just hope that the last photo doesn’t get me in trouble with the FBI, because some times after a long weekend of not shaving it is not too far off the mark.  😉

Today I am submitting for criticism my proposed movie entry to this year’s Post Dispatch One Minute Movie contest.  I gladly accept any and all suggestions.  I have until Monday, the sixteenth to submit my final entry.  I have lots of small detail in the movie, so I am not sure how well YouTube or the Post will handle the original footage.  This is my biggest concern.  The movie is meant to be seen in high-definition. 

The Go! section of the paper is the section that includes features and calendars about social events around town.  The Go! section, comes out every Friday and includes a calendar of movies, shows and anything else that is happening around town.  I have tried to capture the spirit of this section of the paper in the movie.  The judges have made using this section of the paper a requirement for consideration.

Artistic concerns aside, I have mastered at least the basics  for operating Adobe’s PhotoShop and its associated movie program, Premiere.  As part of this movie project I have taken a step off the deep end.  I am trying out a one month trial subscription to Adobe’s After Effects product.  After Effects is the movie industry standard for special effects and animation software.  All of Adobe’s products have been a trail for me to learn.  I attribute this to their Apple origin.  This makes them just foreign to me.  I’ve owned PhotoShop and Premiere for a year or so now and have some mastery of these products and improve with skill in their use over time.  After Effects represents a great leap forward.  At first brush it looks to be an order of magnitude more complicated then either PhotoShop or Premiere.  It is also an order of magnitude more expensive than either of the products that I own.  The jury is this out, but I am intrigued … Hey it beats playing Civilization.

2 thoughts on “Go!

  1. what last picture.
    I like the juxtaposition (sp?) of the dancing, particularly with the little kids.
    I did find myself “choosing” one frame to look at generally. Can you have them grow and shrink a bit to draw the eye? Looks like fun, and like you have fun in St. Louis.

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