No Sweat Lodge

The picture with this post is of the so called No Sweat Lodge.  It is really more beach art then sweat lodge.  It was taken at the Big Pine picnic area in the Hiawatha national forest, this last summer on the day that Anne and I and UKW biked from Point Iroquois lighthouse to the fish hatchery and back.  As sort of an aside, if you haven’t been to Big Pine for a while you should go again.  There was a lot of renovation work going on last summer while we were there.

Tuesday is a big day around our place.  I have my talk to do and Rey has a phone interview with the Smokies.  Wish both of us good luck, it can’t hurt.  I have been practicing and I believe improving.  If I can get past my first slide (It has a major land mine in it), I’ll be on easy street.  Rey has his interview all planned out.  Rey is on in the morning and I’m on in the afternoon.

All this consternation and turmoil over work reminds me of Anne’s Uncle Duke and his term, WETSU, or We Eat This S*** Up.  Since the phrase is all over Wiki, I’m guessing that it is not really attributable to Duke, but why let the facts get in the way of a good story, as I always say.  Duke was a full bird colonel in the air force.  When I met him he had retired.  During Vietnam he flew C-130s for the transport command.  I guess that made him sort of a flying Mr. Roberts?  Whether he coined the phrase or not I don’t know, but somehow it came to be attached to him. The acronym WETSU must have appeared in writing, because at some point a visiting general appeared and asked what it was all about.  Quick on his feet, Duke replied, “It means, We Exist To Serve U, Sir!”

So here is my prayer for today:

If we can’t always get what we want, let us get what we need
May I please just glide through my presentation, without a single ah or um
Rey will step forward to a position with the Yankees Cards
(Oh, come on Rey!)
May today, we both be able to turn S*** in to Service

2 thoughts on “WETSU

  1. Marquis and Rey – best of luck to both of you today! If I had read this blog and the preceding ones earlier I would have told Marquis to be sure to turn the microphone OFF before going into the bathroom.

    that is all.

  2. Too funny Jane. I am sure this never happened to you, but sounds like a voice of experiencing.

    Rey – we’re waiting to hear …

    Mark – I know you will hit a home run, and without committing a felony. (Is it a felony to use performance enhancing drugs?)

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