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All Star Game Banner

I’m just starting to write this post, later then usual, on Tuesday night.  I’ve got the All Star Game going on in the other room.  This evening, I rode in the Park.  I got fifteen miles.  The picture above is an imitation of an Edward Crim photo from July 11th.  Remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery.  I think that Edward had better light.  The picture running down the left shows one of the huge banners that have been decorating the exterior of Busch Stadium.

President Obama came to town to throw out the first pitch.  Anne was concerned about the planned closing of the highway, which runs too close by the stadium, during the All Star Game.  She heard five o’clock and didn’t process its post meridian aspect.  I did my own little dance with Barack.  Air Force One landed just outside my work entrance.  Fortunately, I had gotten into work early enough, to be able to leave before Obama arrived.

The Chicago Tribune in a fit of jealousy published a couple of articles over the last few weeks criticizing Saint Louis.  One article highlighted issues like crime while giving short shrift to new developments like CityGarden and the Old Post Office’s new plaza.  The message from this article was clearly watch yourself if you go to the All Star Game, or better yet don’t go at all.  The other article was kinder, at least to the University City part of town.  Don’t get me wrong, I love U. City, but there is way more to Saint Louis then just Joe Edwards and his U. City.  Sounds like sour grapes to me.

Today’s header shows the set of this week’s Muny musical, Godspell.  Anne and I went to see it Monday, opening night.  We saw Pat on the way to our seats and updated her on all the news.  Bill and Mary A. just back from their European Vacation practically sat down right in front of us.  This week, like most weeks, we saw a Great Blue Heron fly over the Muny before the show.  Those are real trees towards the back of the stage.  When you have enough trees, you have a forest.  When you have a forest, you have wildlife.  Near the end of the first act a raccoon came out on stage. It was towards the rear of the stage.  After a while it turned around and exited stage left.  I checked the program at intermission and could not find any raccoon credited.

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