Wednesday evening Anne left to pig out with the women that knit in public.  I’ll leave it to her to explain the details.  All I can say, is that it involved bacon.  She brought Pig Candy as her dish to pass.  Being left to my own devices, I decided to go downtown and view the CityGarden park that had just opened that day.

It being rush hour, I took the MetroLink downtown, which was a bit of an adventure in its own right.  There was a ballgame that night, so the train was populated with people in red.  After purchasing my ticket, I saw that there was a train already at the platform.  I ran down the platform, without much hope of actually making it, but to my good fortune, one of the security guards held the door open for me and I made it.

On MetroLink you are sort of on the honor system.  No one and nothing checks your ticket before boarding like on other subway systems.  Instead there are roving security guards that act like train conductors.  If they catch you and you don’t have a $2.25 ticket, they issue you a one-hundred dollar one.  A stop or two after I got on a huge security guard got on, huge as in muscular.   Did I mention that all of the guards are defacto police officers?  A stylin’ young lady quickly got up and moved to the far end of the train.dead-soldiers  I didn’t get to see the resolution of that story.

I mention earlier that I had the good fortune to have the train door held for me, well there was this other guy who after the train had been in the station for a while decided to leave the train.  He got as far as his right hand that was literally holding the bag.   The doors slammed shut with his plastic bag and hand outside the car.  Nothing worse happened then having some of his potato chips littering the floor.  At the next stop he was released.  I don’t think that he appreciated the derision of his spectators, because he marched off to give the driver a piece of his mind.

I’ve talked so much about the train ride that I’ll have to get back to you all about the CityGarden.  I have made a YouTube video, please watch it.  It gives you a taste of the CityGarden, but it only covers the more animated exhibits.  Today’s header is a shot of the Floodplain Band, a fountain that is featured at the start of my video.

I biked Thursday morning in the Park before work.  It was a little bit cool, so I had to wear extra clothes.  I like cool mornings.  I paid my respect to all my bird friends and got eighteen miles.

The picture above, with today’s post is from a beach wedding.  A beach wedding that was held on this day in 1982.  Do you Kayak Women take the Grumpy Growler to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, …  😉

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