School’s Out for Summer


Anne is officially out of school for the summer.  All you Alice Cooper fans can start singing now, School’s out for summer, School’s out forever, …  Last night she attended high school graduation, to observe and report.  Although Friday was the last official day of school, Anne’s actual last day was Tuesday.  She has volunteered to substitute for summer school, so she might be back in the class room again, in a couple of weeks.

Last night’s Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School graduation class numbered eighty-one.  It was pointed out that this is the largest class since the current high school administration has been in place.  Thirty-two of the graduates were singled out for scholarship recognition.  Between these students various colleges, universities and other institutions have awarded them a grand total of one and half million dollars in college scholarships.  Before you start dividing one and half million by the number of students, keep in mind that these monies are for four years and some students have received multiple offering from different universities.  It is still an impressive amount.Red Eared Sliders

The picture of the turtle to the left is on a Red Eared Slider.  Anne took it yesterday, while being out and about on a walk.  It and about a half dozen of its closest friends were luxuriating in the pond in Oak Knoll Park.

Today’s header shows a rainbow from this morning’s early morning bike ride.  The ride was cut short by a thunderstorm.  I had planned on biking into work today, but discretion proved the better part of valor.  I still got ten miles and after work, I hope to get some more.

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