Happy Birthday Dad!


Happy Birthday Dad!  For the rest of the blogosphere we see John Roger here seated at Fe Fe’s, in Pacific Grove.  I spoke with Chris yesterday and the plan is to take you out to Phil’s, your favorite.  Here is my wish that you have a happy birthday.  Enjoy!

Tibetian Rug

Last night, Anne went shopping and we bought a carpet, a Tibetan carpet to be specific.  The tag that describes it list Nepal as the country of origin, but it is done in the Tibetan style.  The tag describes it as camel and forest.  We bought it from an oriental carpet store that is going out of business, so we got a good price on it.

Afterwards, I got to wondering about the person who made this rug.  Last year’s uprising in Tibet and the brutal crackdown by the PRC came to mind.  It might have just been a case of buyer’s remorse, but it caused me some concern.  So I went to Wiki and looked up Tibetan Rug.  It explained that most of the Tibetan rugs are now made in Nepal, by Tibetan refugees.  It goes on with:

Carpet manufacture in Tibet has strong potential and many social and economic benefits. As an economic activity, it provides valuable cash income for rural communities who weave in the winter months.

This somewhat assuaged my guilt.  After all it is a nice rug.  I just hope that the PRC didn’t write this Wiki entry.

I’ll leave you all with one more item, a movie.  This movie is a reprise of yesterday’s Tour de Bird:

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