Last Monday, Last Day in New York


This last Monday we woke up still tired, from last Sunday’s Tour of the Five Boroughs.  So we were a little slow getting going.  We eventually made it to the Galaxy Diner, way over on 9th Avenue.  They sat us in the couple’s row of tables.  A couple from Seattle sat down next to us and we talked for a while after breakfast.


After breakfast, on the way back east, we came upon this unusual mini-car parking structure.  We also passed a banner for the Jewish Actor’s Temple.  We passed the diamond district on 47th Street and by serendipity I photographed a jewelry store belonging to Lader and Wiesberg, as in Joanie.  We made our way to central midtown.  Today’s header features an exterior shot of the Radio City Music Hall.


We entered Rockefeller Center through the west entrance to the GE Building.  Anne did some shopping in a nice gift shop, called American Craftsman.  While passing the NBC studios I saw Matt Lauer of the Today Show.matt-lauer

Exiting the GE Building we entered the Rockefeller Center plaza.  The many nations’ flags are from there, as is the gold relief of Hermes.  There was another MoMA off the plaza and Anne did some more shopping looking.

We walked up 5th Avenue to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  What had been spitting became rain.  We ducked into Juicy Couture, a high end, trendy clothing store.  The weather had brought out a new industry, umbrella salesmen, and talk about seasonal work.

Our time in New York was drawing to a close, so we started back towards the hotel.  We passed by the Algonquin Hotel one more time.  We passed a national debt clock.  Please note that the figues were from last Monday morning, so your debt could be more.  We went to our room, picked up our bags and checked out.


I hailed my first cab and it was a winner.  We got a thirty-seven year on the job, Italian cab driver, who liked to talk.  We told him about our bike ride and that was all it took.  Apparently he haled from Vicenza, Italy, home of Campagnolo and “the best bike parts in the world!”

Our flight home was without any issues and Joanie was curbside even before us.  The three of us shared Papa John’s Pizza, while reviewing our photographic trove.  All and all it was a nice end to a great vacation.

Don’t forget to check out the official ride photos, that were added to the end of Anne’s birthday post.  I’ll leave you all with just one more shot of the Chysler Building:


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