My Bike Buddy

Happy Birthday, Pooh!


Check out her stylish new bike glasses! 

Don’t they look cool? anne-at-the-beach

Let’s take a break today from our New York City trip. 

Today, let us celebrate Anne’s birthday. 

Here is a picture of this fit chick in Palm Beach, Florida. 

Sun shinning, waves crashing, who would not want to be with her on the beach.

Finally, I give you the Birthday Girl as of last Sunday night.


You have got to love her. anne-at-dim-sum

Well, except maybe if you are some ignorant middle school student.

She is my love.

She is my life.

She is the Birthday Girl!

Happy Birthday, Anne!!

You all have got to love her, too.

UPDATE: Below you’ll find samples from the official 5 boroughs bike ride photographs of Anne and I.




6 thoughts on “My Bike Buddy

  1. Happy Birthday, Anne! Many happy returns! Birch Point reached 72 degrees today! Going to cool down in the next few days!

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