The picture with today’s post features my brother Frank, posing in front of the Lone Cypress in Pebble Beach.  The Lone Cypress is the symbol of Pebble Beach.  That is Carmel Bay behind the cypress and Point Lobos Nature Preserve across the water.  Note that per Chris, Frank’s sunglasses are off and he was illuminated by flash even in bright sunshine.  Look how shiny the reflective logo is on his sports vest.  This picture was taken during our bike ride.

Today’s header shows an airship that was giving tours of Monterey, while I was there.  This particular air vehicle is a dirigible  and not a blimp.  The difference being that dirigibles have an internal frame that supports the lighter then air gas balloon, blimps do not.  This gives dirigibles better handling properties.

Frank teaches chemistry at two colleges.  For one of his classes he offered the students extra credit if they made a YouTube video about chemistry.  Here are two of the better ones that he forwarded:

Crushing the Can Experiment, by Dayoung Song [3 Points, Very Good]

Nucleation Reaction: Rock Salt and Diet Coke versus Mentos and Diet Coke by Andy Lee and Theodore Dodson [2 Points]

I missed work again today.  I am feeling better, but I did not feel well enough to return to work.  I learned today that Frank got sick also.  That leads me to believe that I picked up something in California.  Fortunately, neither of my folks, nor Chris have come down with anything.  It must have been that Monday morning trip to Starbucks.  😉

On another note here is another video link, dramatizing how bad it has gotten in the auto industry.  It reports on a new reality TV show that pit autoworker versus autoworker, for their jobs.  It is hard to say which is sadder, the state of America’s auto industry or the state of entertainment.

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  1. If it’s a respiratory thing, I had a bug just after new year’s that knocked me pretty flat for a couple days. Lots and lots and lots of congestion and quite lethargic but no fever. Many people I know have had a similar thing. I only missed two days of work but others missed up to a week!

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