Sick Day

Today I took a sick day from work.  I think that it is just a head cold and not the dreaded Swine Flu, that is in all the news.  I started feeling bad Saturday night, but I thought it was allergies at the time.  I missed out on Sunday’s bike ride, so I decided to play it safe and stayed home today.  Anyway the highlight of my day has been watching some of the alternative PBS channels that are now available under digital TV.


Today’s header shows three pairs of Blue Winged Teals.  These were taken last Saturday during the wings of Spring Festival.  The preceding picture in today’s post shows some lovely flowers from Monterey.  The following picture was taken a few weeks ago, when Anne and I biked downtown to see the Women’s NCAA Final Four parade and celebration.  Anne’s fun house mirror effect was affected by shooting her reflection in a window that was across the street.  The building combines modern architectural rehabilitation while retaining some of Saint Louis’ architectural history.  Plus this building was used as an Obama campaign headquarters last fall.


Speaking of epidemics, Anne had Kindergarten today and there was an epic need for band-aids, at least until she told the students to stop picking their scabs.  Anne finished the gage swatches for Jay’s socks, blocked them and then dried them in the microwave.

OBTW, here is another Britain’s Got Talent cutie.

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