Biking in Monterey


Chris, Frank and I went biking today.  Chris had his bike here, but Frank and I had planned on renting.  I had reserve two road bikes with Bay Bikes, but when we showed up at the store at nine, it was still closed.  One of the clerks, was there waiting outside for her partner who had the key.  She tried calling, but couldn’t raise anyone.  After half an hour, Frank and I went down the road to the next bike shop.  We rented two “girls” bikes.  They fit and seemed to have a better saddle then the others.

We rode out through Monterey and Pacific Grove to Pebble Beach.  Riding along the coast is always fun and the coastline followed by this bike route is simply spectacular.  We stopped at China Rock and the Lone Cypress and then turned inland and upwards.  Climbing 700 feet we reached an outlook near the overpass at the crest of Highway 68.  On the way downhill Chris got out ahead of Frank and I and took a turn that we didn’t see.  The miracle of cell phones linked us up again and we all made it back down the hill.  About this time my rental bike’s rear wheel began to wobble.  I made it back to the store, but not without some extra effort.

We dropped off the bikes and decided to look for lunch.  Chris had had enough of the crowds and since he had driven separately, he decided to go home.  Frank and I ate at outdoor cafe, right on the coast.  We all got twenty-six miles today.

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