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It is sunny and bright here in CA.  Sun screen is not optional and a ball cap isn’t either, unless it is a Niners cap and then fergetit.  Chris and I went to the Sea Otter Classic at Laguna Seca in Monterey, this morning.  Just stepping out of the car Chris met a former co-worker who is now running  an Internet charity fundrasing website.  I’ll have to check it out to see if it will be helpful in fundrasing for the MS-150 ride or for Jay’s walkathon.  We watched the start of the mountain bike cross country races and then we watched some downhill free riding.  Except since there was no chairlift.  I guess then you can’t call it free ridding.  The cyclists sweaty cyclists had to push their bikes back up the hill after each downhill ride.   They started the MTB x-country races on the Laguna Seca track.  The best part of the starts was the announcer’s jokes.  Afterwards we shopped at the bike expo village, which was full of lots of good deals, lots of interesting gadgets and way too much to see.  I got two of the Sea Otter t-shirts (his and hers), ten pairs of socks (ownership to be negotiated) and a pair of handlebar grips for me.  Anne are you willing to put that spectacular pair of socks that you are knitting on the table?

2 thoughts on “Chris’ Camera

  1. Regarding the socks:
    “The answer is NO. I’m sorry, was that too abrupt? How about HELL, NO!”

    A quote from my witty father, who knows that brevity is the soul of wit.


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