Happy Birthday Dan!


Pictured with this post are Annie and Danny, from last Sunday night.  Anne and I took them out to dinner for Dan’s birthday to California Pizza Kitchen.  Dan has turned twenty-four.  I’ll dispense with a lot of blathering, except to say we are proud of what he has done, we are pleased with what he is doing and he are hopeful for what he will accomplish.

On a more sour note, both MSU and the Cardinals lost yesterday.  There was no joy here in Mudville.  Speaking of Mudville, NPR had an opening day article on major league baseball mud.  Apparently the balls from the factory are coated in a substance that if not rubbed off causes wild pitches and maybe even one death.  According to the article there is this special baseball mud that removes the coating without scuffing the ball.  Now I’m not an efficiency expert, but if you don’t put the coating on in the first place do you really need this special mud?  This is probably a Carl question?

OBTW, Anne saw Val on TV.  I had found the game too painful to watch by then.  In other news, Anne is working the polls today, so she got up at four in the morning and will be working until seven eight tonight.  I hope that since it is not a major election that she will have time to get some knitting done.

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