Opening Day


Today is opening day for the Saint Louis Cardinals baseball season.  The picture with today’s post shows the fountain in Kiener Plaza.  The water is dyed red in celebration of another Cardinal baseball season.  I took this picture when we were down there listening to the UCONN pep band.  In the background is the old court house of Dread Scott fame and of course the Arch.  I like the way that it is difficult to tell whether the Arch is in front of or behind the courthouse’s dome.  Today’s header shows a very cold male cardinal.  I took this picture this morning.  This weekend’s balmy weather has turned cold and wet.  There were snowflakes out today and the high is only going to be in the thirties.  Walking into work today, one of the women I work with said, “I can’t believe that I am going to a baseball game on a day like today.”

Tonight is the men’s basketball championship game and Anne’s and my Alma mater, Michigan State is playing.  They are playing North Carolina, who was the favorite going into this year’s tournament, but MSU is certainly the hometown favorite.  I’ll leave you with this commercial; it shows an Illinois trooper giving a ticket to a driver with North Carolina plates.  It was pointed out to me by an Illini graduate.  I hope that they are not making next year’s commercial with Michigan troopers.  Anne is working the polls tomorrow and has to get up early.  So she thinks that she needs to go to bed early tonight.  We’ll see about that.  Go Green!!

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