Snowy Egrets


I got twenty-seven miles today.  Anne got fifteen miles.  Anne and I had planned to do the Bicycle Fun Club’s first ride of the season but an early morning thunderstorm dissuaded us.  Instead we waited until after the rain had ended and then launched towards the Park.  I would say the theme for today’s ride was herons, Snowy Egrets to be specific.  They’re back!

The pictures with today’s post show the same egret.  In each picture the egret is holding a newly caught fish.  Reviewing the pictures I took, I don’t think that they are the same fish.  In fact, if you look at the second picture (the one on the right), you can see the suggestion of a lump in its throat.  Later, in one of the fish hatchery ponds we saw three egrets wading together.  Today’s header shows one of those egrets on the wing.  I added a PhotoShop effect to the picture called lens flare.  It is a neat effect and covers up a focusing issue with the picture.  Later I saw five egrets in the same pond.  I can just imagine that annoying local “investigative” TV news reporter doing a piece on these events.  It would go something like this, “Out of state birds are gobbling up Missouri’s fish and you paid for it!”

Yesterday, while returning from downtown, we passed the hatchery ponds.  They were overrun with cub scouts participating in a fishing derby.  Today, after the rain, the Park was much quieter.  I bet the egrets caught more fish.

After fifteen miles Anne and I headed for home, but not before stopping off at Kaldis Coffee.  After returning home I changed into lighter clothes and re-launched towards the Park, for a few more miles.  By the time I got back again, Anne was leaving for Knitty Couture for some knitting in public.  Tonight we plan to dine with Dan and Annie.

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