Happy Birthday Jackie!


A few years ago I was out in Monterey, CA.  I won’t be too specific as you will see why.  Chris and I had gone biking with his regular Saturday morning bike club.  At the end of the ride we convened for lunch at a local deli.  After we had all been served and sitting one of the other members of the bike club asked me, “What brings you out to Monterey from Saint Louis, Mark?”  I told him that I had come out to celebrate my mother’s eightieth birthday.  To which he remarked, “I didn’t know that Jackie was eighty.”  This surprised me that one of my brother’s bike buddies would know my mother.  I had not mentioned her name.  As it turns out this biker is also her dentist.

I thought that this coincidence was rather remarkable.  So upon returning home, I related the story to my mother.  She got very upset that I had told someone her age.  I tried to explain that as her dentist, he surely had access to her age through her dental records.  This line of reasoning cut no mustard.

I made airline reservations to fly out to Monterey, today.  I’ll be out there in April.  Happy birthday Mom!

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