Happy Birthday Chris!


Happy Birthday Chris!  Pictured with this post is my brother, from a few years ago.  We were at the Sea Otter Classic, which is like a large bicycling convention with races.  The Sea Otter is held every April at Laguna Seca, which is a race track, that is within sight of our folk’s house.  I plan on being in Monterey this April, just in time for this year’s Sea Otter.  How convenient!  Today’s header is from a picture Chris sent me a while ago.  It is a picture of our mother’s rose garden, only those aren’t roses.

OMG! George Clooney is in Dan’s neighborhood this week.   Yesterday they were filming at the corner of Sutton and Flora avenues in Maplewood, just a couple of blocks from Dan’s apartment.  The crew from Up in the Air is preparing to shoot a winter scene there later this week.  They have laid down fake snow and because of today’s expected inclement weather, they have covered it up with tarps.  Supposedly Clooney himself is scheduled to film at the Maplewood United Methodist Church on Thursday or Friday.  A church volunteer told the River Front Times that Clooney is expected to get out of a limousine and make his way inside the church for a wedding scene.  The shoot has Clooney’s character attending the marriage of his brother in the movie.  Dan can see the crews staging area from his apartment and had driven by the church set this morning.  Anne ran into the set tonight on the way home to the yarn store, but I’ll let her comment on her adventure there.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Chris, and Many Happy Returns!

    I ended up going by the movie site by accident. Due to the highway reconstruction, turning left on Manchester from the high school was not going to happen. So, I turned right, went down to Laclede Station, then East on Flora. I’m driving up to the corner of Sutton, and I see all these lawns covered with white tarps, except for the sidewalks. There are also a lot of big white trucks, with no markings. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. Maybe they are sand-blasting the church? Doesn’t seem quite right. When I get to the corner, there’s a cop directing traffic. He looks at me, gesturing, “where do you want to go, lady?” I wanted to go straight, but realize that’s not going to happen, b/c there are more big trucks, and a car blocking that way. So, I signal a left turn, and then I realize that there a crowds of people milling around. Did I mention it was pouring down rain at the time? This is when I figure out that it must be the movie set. I didn’t even remember that I was going by Dan’s apartment, or that it would have been more direct to turn right. Addled by the romance of Hollywood, I guess.


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