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Today’s header features asparagus fern from the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  The picture with today’s post is of lilies also from the botanical gardens.  Today I was looking at the list of Flickr photos, on the left-hand side of this blog and decided that this blog needed more color.  Both pictures were taken in January, in the Climatron.  The Climatron was designed by Buckminster Fuller, this dome of metal and glass contains an island of tropical environment in the middle of Saint Louis.

Some of you might have noticed that the name of this blog changed a little yesterday, it has gone from REGENAXE to REGENAXE.COM.  Yesterday I purchased an URL (REGENAXE.COM) or Uniform Resource Locator or in the vernacular, a web address.  I’m still hosted by WordPress and the old URL, REGENAXE.WORDPRESS.COM still works.  So why bother you might ask?  Well first off it was cheap and second, I feel it make this blog look a little more sophisticated, whether it really is or not.  What do you folks think?

I finally got the sea lion feeding movie uploaded, this morning.  Check it out here.  Becky, the nice zookeeper gives a great Q&A voice over of the sea lion feeding.

Under links (again on the left-hand side of this blog), I’ve added some local webcams.  There is of course the obligatory one of the Arch, at least if you live in Saint Louis.  There is one from Blueberry Hill, on Delmar in University City.  There is one from the Boat House in the Park.  There is a webcam with views of the New I-64 construction, which we are enduring.  There is one that shows the quadrangle at Washington University and one that shows Wydown Boulevard from Wydown Middle School.  I bike through this webcam’s shot on the way to the Park.

I biked in the Park this morning, before work.  It was over fifty degrees at five in the morning, in February, a pretty rare phenomenon.  I got fifteen miles.  On the way home I nearly ran over one of Washington University’s ROTC students who along with his platoon were doing physical training in the Park this morning.  He was in uniform, that was camouflaged and it was still before dawn.  I didn’t see him until I was nearly upon him and he was weaving back and forth across the bike path.  I slowed and called out to him and he moved over to let me pass.  Continuing up Skinker, I saw several more students, staggering along and then I found the main unit.  They were over on the parallel unpaved trail and were jogging uphill at a brisk pace, oblivious of the stragglers left behind.

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  1. Can’t do the polldaddy vote ’cause you didn’t include the option I’d vote for: use regenaxe.com, but call it regenaxe. Best of all worlds! Clean. Tidy. Yours.

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