Strange Sunday


I was going to call this post, Frost-Nixon Nixed, FrostBike Biked.  Last night we tried to see the movie, Frost-Nixon, but it was sold out and today Anne biked the first of four January FrostBike rides.  I was going to call this post that, but sometimes life is strange and it certainly was in the Park today.  This morning it was sunny and in the twenties.  Anne launched towards the Park first, trying to get to VeloCity Café on time for the start of FrostBike.  I followed a little later with the intention of intercepting her at the end of her ride.  


When I first got to the Park, I saw one of the regular strange sights.  This sight would be the middle age guy that always jogs in nothing more then gym shorts.  Be it raining or shining, hot or cold his attire never changes, socks and shoes, shorts and sunglasses.  I have seen him in below freezing weather, his chest bright red from the cold.  He was written up in the paper once.  He owns a music store in Clayton.  He doesn’t like to wear a shirt or for that matter anymore clothes then the law requires while he jogs because it chafes his skin.  As I said a strange sight, but also a familiar one, after all he is a regular fixture in the Park.


The next unusual sight was six Segways sitting standing in front of the History Museum.  What was unusual was not the Segways, the Science Center rents them and a fleet of them tooling about the Park is not that unusual.  What was unusual was that the people on the Segways were making a movie.  There were four actors, a camera man and a sound man.  The camera man and the sound man were connected by an umbilical like electrical cord.  They looked rather professional, at least compared to a Marquis Production.


I continued orbiting around the Park, waiting for the FrostBike ride to return, when I encountered the most unusual sight of the day.  I did not know what this group of people were planning on doing until afterwards, I asked one of them.  They were members of the Saint Louis Ki Society and they were performing what they called their Winter Mind/Body Training Intensive.  Did I mention that there was ice on the water?


The FrostBike ride eventually returned to the Park and I returned with them to VeloCity.  We saw Kubie who was on the ride and Phil who was at VeloCity.  Anne got 21 miles today and I got 18 miles.

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