A Bad Sign


I biked in the Park today.  It was cold, in the low twenties.  I got 15 miles in today.  

On the way out of the Park I was greeted by the interstate signs pictured above.  They are new and I’m sure that they were installed as part of the next phase of the New I-64 highway project.  Next Sunday the completed western half of the project will be opened for a day of walking, running and biking.  They plan on making a party out of it, including having a band.  A week from tomorrow the western half will be opened for auto traffic and the eastern half will be closed for a year.  The paper was full of articles about the planned highway openings and closings.  

The signs pictured above are across the street from the tennis courts.  The arrow is directing traffic north to the History Museum.  My question is this, if as the sign implies this is an east bound detour, why is it oriented so as to be viewed by west bound traffic?  I also hope that this detour is simply intended to help people to get out of the Park.  I hope that it is not part of a larger detour through the Park.

2 thoughts on “A Bad Sign

  1. hopefully you are correct… it would seem to make more sense to direct traffic onto FP Parkway, considering that they just rebuilt it a few years ago, and it’s just north of the park.

    the part I don’t get is the 44 sign…

  2. The I-44 sign is probably b/c Hampton Ave. is closed over 40 now. So, exit the park at the History Museum and take FP Parkway E. to Kinsghighway for 40 East or down to I-44. Take FP Parkway W. to I-170, and from there to 40 West.

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