Scouring Steel Saturday


You have probably heard of Ironwood.  This tree is a stainless steel wood.  It is sculpture just outside the art museum, by Roxy Paine.  Please note today’s half moon that is shaped like a capital D.  As Anne would say, today’s moon is Daring to be greater.  It is a waxing moon.  We’ll have a full moon next week.

I had to work today.  I slept in a bit.  I hit Starbucks on the way in to work.  I arrived just after my business partner had pulled into the parking lot and pulled in next to him.  I think I surprised him.  😉

I was home by three and in the failing light I launched on a bike ride.  I got in 15 miles, but I think I could have gotten 25 miles, if I had not stopped so often to take pictures to feed the blog.  Temperatures were in the high thirties.  It was very windy today. 

In fact, Anne thinks that a brick was blown off the house.  Tonight she showed me the brick sitting the neighbor’s driveway .  It was too dark to see where it might have come from.  Years ago, a similar incident had happened on the other side of the house.  A brick had fallen off the chimney and come to rest leaning on our other neighbor’s unbroken basement window.  We tuck-pointed after that brick.  Maybe it is time to do it again.

Anne did some Christmas shopping today.  She was not back yet when I returned from work, but had returned by the end of the bike ride.  We went out to dinner at Katie’s Pizza.  It is on Clayton, across the street from the Richmond Center’s Schnucks.  This is like the third or fourth time we have eaten there.  I like it.

On the subject of food criticism, NPR’s The Splendid Table show had an article about Ann Arbor’s Northside Grill.  The Sterns, the road food people, went for apple pancakes with potato pancakes on the side.  I think that this establishment has been mentioned in Anne’s blog?  The article made a big deal about the ordering sequence for a simple cup of coffee.  Almost equating it to a tricked out Starbucks ordering sequence.

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  1. The GG has a new Saturday morning habit of walking over to the river and along the border to border trail to the Northside and then through town and home. I get to go to the grocery store et al during this. The show isn’t on until 2 PM here, so haven’t heard it yet.

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