Go Vote!


Today is election day.  Last night, Anne had set the alarm clock on stun, so at four AM it blared.  She got up to get ready for the election.  I got up at 4:15, to check for proof of life.  She launched before five and I got ready to go biking.  I biked over to the Heights, my polling place and saw a line.  So at 5:30 I got into line.  They had opened the hall doors so I didn’t have to wait outside in the cold.  Well before six the line was out the door though.  At six they turned on the hall lights and opened the poll.  I was the 34th voter and was out by 6:20.  The line had wrapped around the outside of the building by then.  It was several hundred people long.  I decided to go for a spin in the Park and got 15 miles.  I’ll hit Starbucks for my free coffee and then finally to work.  Coincidentally today is also trash day.  Out with the old, in with the new.  So has anyone else voted?

6 thoughts on “Go Vote!

  1. I voted this morning. about an hour and a half in line, virtually all of it outside. (38 this morning in A2.) so chilly, but not too bad, and I had coffee and a book.
    stood in line on Main St so lots of traffic driving by. lots of horn-honking and waving.

    this is very exciting!

  2. In line by 6:50, about 30 from the front. Doors opened at 7, out by 7:20. It was raining outside, but not too hard. Really an overweight mist with attitude.

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