Hi, My name is Mark and I am a political junkie.


I can quit though, anytime I want too.  I’ll do it just one step at a time.  First step, I’ll turn off NBC’s election coverage and just listen to NPR election night coverage, not both, together.   It is kind of confusing anyway since I’m not in either the room that the TV is on nor the room that the radio is on.  I’ll get to that soon, in the mean time I’ll just turn up the volume on the radio.  I’ll too busy checking all the political websites.  Second step, I’ll only have one election map widget open at one time.  Well maybe two, in case MSNBC misses something.  Maybe, I should have three maps open, in case I need a tie breaker?

In a few minutes the polls in St. Louis are suppose to close.  Maybe I should turn my Walkman on to KMOX to get local news?  You know everyone walking these twelve step programs has an occasional back step or two?  I wonder how Anne is doing working the polls? … Just spoke with her.  They closed the poll on time.  They are collecting and collating everything and closing down the poll.  She had good turn out.  She should get home by nine?  You know there is way too much going for any self respecting political junkie to quit tonight.  I’ll quit tomorrow.  Yeah, tomorrow … 😉

Update: dKos on STL

5 thoughts on “Hi, My name is Mark and I am a political junkie.

  1. Not quite yet. McCain is ahead by less then 5900 votes, but there are 8000 provisional ballots left to be ajudicated. Most of these are from pro-Obama poll sites. It could take two weeks to know for sure.

  2. I used the NBC widgets too! They actually updated instantly as the results were being fed out on TV. I guess you guys are living in Misery with the final outcome in your state.
    The election maps remind me of the Civil War. The Confederates voted for McCain. The Union voted for O’bama (A good Irish name!!! – My mother was an O’Neil). The back-country voted for McCain – The big cities voted for Obama.

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