My Friends …

I flew out Wednesday, near noon.  It had rained in Saint Louis the day before, but Wednesday was clear and bright when we took off.  As we passed over Tuesday’s rain it got a bit choppy, but smoothed out and cleared off as we descended into New England.  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many trees there were.  Some were just starting to turn color.  I don’t know if it was just our flight path, but there seem to be a lot of large areas of forest without any roads or buildings.

After landing we checked into our hotel, a Hilton.  I had a couple of hours to kill until dinner so I decided to take a walk in the late afternoon autumn sun.  I liked walking round this town.  Although, I was actually in the suburbs, all of the streets had sidewalks.  I had my cell so I called my brother.  We discussed the market, Wednesday’s events and the economic crisis in general.  We must of talked longer then I thought because after I hung up I wasn’t sure where exactly I was or how to get back to the hotel.

Even though it was only 5:30, it was starting to get dark.  You see I was quite a bit farther east than many of my friends are in Michigan.  I decided that if I was ever going to get back to the hotel in time to go out to dinner with the rest of the guys, I probably should call a cab.  After all, I was on expense account.  There was a restaurant at the next corner, so I walked up there and went in.  It was one of those boutique restaurant shops.  I guess it was still early or maybe it wasn’t that good a restaurant, but it was pretty empty except for a large party in the back.

There wasn’t any help at the door and I didn’t see any around so I drifted towards the large party in the back.  I thought that this must be some banker’s or brokerage’s happy hour because everyone was wearing suits.  A couple of big guys, who had been standing around and watching me, approached.  I asked them if there was any help around or if they could help me call a cab?  Before they could respond an older guy called out and pushed past them.

This guy reached out to shake my hand and I shook his.  He was all friendly and effusive, referring to me as “My friend”.  He looked familiar, but I just couldn’t place him.  We got to talking and he asked me where I was from?  When I said Missouri that seemed to brighten him up.  Remembering the time, I asked him about a cab?  He offered a deal, “If I can count on your ‘support’, my aid could drive you.”  I guess the look on my face telegraphed my apprehension.  He said, “Don’t worry, Sarah can drive you.  SARAH!”  Sarah came up and smiled.  She seemed harmless enough, so I accepted.  I thanked him and said if he was ever in Saint Louis …

Before I left I asked if we could have our picture taken together?  He seemed really pleased with this suggestion.  I wanted his picture to google, so I could figure out who he was.  I never did figure that out, so I post this picture below in the hope that someone will identify him for me.  I’m the good looking one … the one not in a suit!

OBTW, if the DOW continues on the same path that it has for the last 18 trading sessions, then in 19 more trading sessions it will hit zero.  Curve fit it.  They call it the waterfall effect.  I am so glad it will soon be over … hospice economy.

Don’t worry.  Be happy!

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