I’m Falling …

I had this dream that I have had before.  I’m sleeping on a school bus that is going to school.  I’m jerked awake in my dream as the bus comes to a sudden halt.  The bus driver rushes past me shoving all the other children out the back emergency door, leaving me alone.  Sitting up and looking out the window I can see that the bus is balanced on the edge of a precipice.  As I slide along the bench seat towards the central aisle the bus begins to wobble.  As I stand up the bus’s gyrations become more pronounced.  It feels as though I’m balancing on a bongo board, that is the bus itself.  As I try to balance, I correct, re-correct and finally over correct.  The bus begins its slow, but inexorable pitch forward.  As the tilt becomes more pronounced I grab a seat back for support.  I hear the screech of metal as the bus’s bottom slides off the cliff’s edge.  It is then that I wake up.

I first had this dream when I was still riding school buses.  I didn’t know what it meant then and I don’t know any better now.  I googled “dreams falling bus” and found one guy recounting his dream of driving a red double decker London bus.  He was driving from the second level and as he took a corner too fast the bus tipped over.  I then googled “dreams falling”  and found this interpretation:  Dreams of falling show that you feel your life is out of control.  Cliffs represent places of decision, to jump or not to jump into something, an unknown, decisions.

Alrighty then.  What I want to know is why didn’t the bus driver come back to get me?  I mean even if he had put his weight on the emergency door’s sill it would have helped.  And why was he driving in such a reckless manner that precipitated this accidental dream?  Why did I try to balance myself and the bus on its fulcrum?  Moving towards the back would have helped.  I don’t know.

Anne is in full cold blossom today.  So, I went biking by myself today.  The Park had been taken over by a gigantic autism charity walk by the time I got there.  So, I breezed through the Park and headed downtown.  I made it down to the Arch before turning around.  On the way back I detoured over to the City Museum.  Their new roof top cafe is now open, complete with a yellow school bus teetering overthe edge of the roof.  Go figure.  Today’s header is also from the City Museum, it is the terracotta serpent fence that surrounds the property.  After snapping some pictures I cycled back to Washington Ave., only to be shoved into the gutter by a fast moving school bus headed towards the museum.  I got 25 miles today.

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