Sunday In the Park

Please check out my latest creative effort above. 

I was too tired this morning to answer the call of the Three Kaldi’s Ride, so Anne and I rode in the Park today.  I got 15 miles and she got 12 miles.  She had a fashion show to go to and it wasn’t about bicycling attire. 

On the way home I came upon a honey dipper’s flatbed full of Porta-potties.  He was just coming off the ball fields and on to the road.  We was doing this gingerly and slowly.  I’m guessing he didn’t want to upset the contents of his cargo.  Apparently, it was much too slowly for a women driver.  She swerved around the truck, busted through a stop sign and breezed past me.  A moment later a cop car with lights a flashing and siren blaring came screaming around the truck and passed me a little too close for comfort.  A fellow Kaldi-itte caught up with me just after then and added that the driver had said, “Oh S—!” through her open car window, as she passed him and noticed the cop.

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