Maybe it would look better if I put it in scientific notation, $7.00 × 1011?

Or how about what it would cost per person for every resident of the USA (305,186,613 per wiki), $2,293.68?

That equates to $5,208.33 per US income taxpayer (134,400,000).

The adjusted gross income of US taxpayers is $7.4 trillion.  So, $700 billion is only 9.5% of your adjusted gross income.  I’ll leave it to you to figure out what your personal obligation is going to be.

Now every news report that I have heard pegs $700 billion as the minimum amount of money required for this mother of all bailouts.  Frequently, the bailout amount is rounded up to one trillion dollars in news reports.  Many skeptics of the administration and/or this bailout post a figure of from five to six trillion dollars. 

I’m thinking it might even go even higher. 

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