Cubicle Golf

I don’t usually blog about work, but today is different.  This morning we had a team building exercise, cubicle golf.  Today’s tournament was the team’s second, but my first.  I was on vacation in July when the first tournament was held.  The photo above is not from today, but is a stock photo I found on the web.  There were about fifteen teams of four in today’s tournament.  Barb, Dwayne and Dau were on my team.  We lucked out and got a nine o’clock tee time so I had plenty of time to hit the cafe for coffee, check email and pet my jobs.  By the time we showed up at the fairway things were in full swing, so to speak.  😉

So the tournament coordinator start directing the arriving teams in a round robin fashion.  We started on hole two.  I started off great with a hole in one.  After that though it was all downhill.  We were mercifully limited to seven strokes on each hole.  I reached seven on three of the remaining holes and five on one other.  All of the holes were way more imaginative then the photo above implies.  The most imaginative and hardest was a sunken pirate ship.  My favorite had a real water hazard in it , on the carpet and a not real lizard in the water.

At the end of the day we had finished second from last, with 112 total strokes or 5.6 strokes per person per hole.  The losing team finished with 114 strokes or 5.7 per person per hole.  We were relieved that we hadn’t finished last, because the last place team has to arrange the next tournament.  Once while I was waiting my turn someone had up on their cube wall the following sign, A bad day on the golf course is better than any day in a cube.  I guess a corollary to that might be, Even a bad day at cubicle golf makes for a better day in the cube.

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