Team Kaldi’s Rides the Tour of Missouri Route

Since yesterday there has been this fire hose spray of rain that has been shooting across the country all the while hovering about a hundred miles north of Saint Louis.  Our weekend weather forecast was wet, very wet, but so far today it has been dry.  So when the alarm went off at oh dark thirty this morning and Biker Chick jumped out of bed, ole Biker Boyz had no choice but to follow suit.  We launched out the back door at a quarter of seven and headed for the rendezvous of Team Kaldis at the DeMun Kaldis.

We had a good turnout of a baker’s dozen riders plus four non-riding supporters.  Pictured above is Captain Don sipping his espresso and some of the team on the roll.  We rode downtown to the Soldier’s Memorial, the start of Trailnet’s Tour of Missouri ride.  The real tour comes to town tomorrow.  So the idea of today’s ride was to ride the course that the pros will be racing on tomorrow.  After a mass start we followed the route pretty much back the way we came, looped through the Park and then headed downtown again.  Tomorrow the pros will loop this course five times for about seventy miles.  We effectively did it twice for 32 miles.

From Soldier’s Memorial some of the team headed south, talking of Ted Drews.  Anne and I head back towards Kaldis.  We made a few detours along the way looking for food, but ended up back on DeMun in time to meet up with the rest of the riders.  A few of us then decided to lunch at Blueberry Hill.  A very nice ride.

One more better resolution picture for the Team:

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  1. Come and visit us! Don’t you need to stock shelves or check up on the STL Border’s? Ted Drews even sells custards in December, when they have their Xmas tree lot going.

    your sis

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