Katy Trail

Anne and I played hookey from work today, braved the New I-64 detour and headed out to St. Chuck and the Katy trail.  The Katy is a rails to trails state park that goes from St. Louis to about Kansas.  We didn’t get a very early start today and didn’t make it to the trailhead until about ten.  We went from Weldon Spring to Dutzow and back for 36 miles.  Weldon Spring is a wildlife preserve and also a super-fund site.  Weldon played a role in the Manhattan Project so the ground water is hot all year round.  Dutzow is one of MIssioui’s many German towns.  We ate at the Dutzow Deli.  I sampled some of the local German cuisine and had a hamburger.  On the way back we stopped at the Augusta Brewery for beverages.  The picture above is of Anne being hot and tired of Mark taking pictures of her.

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