Decisions, Decisions

Three leaves or four leaves?  Not as momentous a decision as picking our next president, but  has already covered that one.  So which do you like better?

I’m trying to decide on a quilting pattern for this little quilt.  It looks like the leaves will be appliqued, but actually I’m going to quilt the outline of the fern leaves.  The photos look unfocused because the leaves are on top of the Golden Threads Quilting Paper.  You can draw your design on the paper, pin it to the quilt, sew along the lines, then tear away the paper.

P.S.  Mark thought I looked pretty funny, standing on the dining room chair, looking down to take these pictures.  Good thing I had the camera!

7 thoughts on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I like the idea to combine them somehow. But that might depend on your larger project. It would give the eye something to play with, like the tile pattern in the 111 Crest floor bathroom.

  2. I have some more ideas to play with, if I’m not dead after today’s bike ride. Training will finish this weekend, b/c next weekend is the MS150. “Start to Finish MS”. See the previous post for links to donate. Thanks for you input on the quilt!

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