Night Girl Versus Biker Chick

Last night, Night Girl and the Marquis went to see the Gateway Cup bicycle races at Lafayette Square.  The Gateway Cup is a four day bicycle racing event that is held every year in Saint Louis over labor day weekend.  Each day’s race venue is held at a different spot around town.  Last night members of Team Kaldi convened on Tom and Audrie’s front yard to watch the races.  In between the races Anne and I dined down the street with John G at Ricardo’s Cafe, a rather nice Italian restaurant.  On the way there we saw the blue paper box for the Marquis the Lafayette Square newspaper.  After dinner we went back to Tom and Audrie’s, we didn’t get home until eleven.

Oh dark thirty dawned awfully early this morning.  Oh that Night Girl!  After rolling over and turning off the alarm, we then with a herculean effort got up.  Nothing was going to stop Biker Chick now!  We arrived five minutes late at the rendezvous spot in U City.  Everyone was there waiting, so we took off immediately.  Diane had arrange this ride, so we followed her lead, from U City we headed west to Creve Coeur park.  The top photo shows the participating team member in front of Creve Coeur lake.  There were sculling teams practicing on the lake.  We then continued west, across the Missouri.  There we met some other team members (including Captain Don and John G) that had traveled from west county.  They continued on, but we turned around and headed for home.  We got 43 miles today.

OK crew, I have good news and I have bad news.  The good news is that everyone gets an extra tot of rum.  The bad news is that after lunch the captain wants to go water skiing.

UPDATE: This team picture shows the evolution of the team through the jerseys worn.  Bill is wearing the predecessor team’s jersey, Team TWA.  Diana, Dave and Jim are wearing the award wining classic Kaldi’s jersey.  Phil, Mary and Anne are wearing the current Kaldi’s jersey.  On Monday, Don will unveil the new Kaldi’s jersey.

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